Saturday, May 20, 2006

Its been looonggggg.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Feeling overwhelmed.

Experincing alot of haziness.

Having a pity- party.

Shoulders and neck all wound up. Need a good kneading.

Can't see the trees for the forest, or is it forest for the trees? whatever!.

Is my glass half full or half empty?

How much longer before the light at the end of the tunnel?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Dawn Of A New Day.

Wow!. Am glowing as I write this . I've just listened to truly the best speech since Barrack Oboma's keynote speech at the democratic convention.

Ladies and Gentleman Her Excellency Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf of Liberia has just done us all proud. She has brought congress to its feet several times. She's as articulate, eloquent and engaging as can be. Please make time to watch the re-run of c-span today or google the speech the house has just ended that session.

I have goose bumps am so proud, of her representation of Liberia, Africa as a whole and indeed of her very essense. As she spoke and the camera was zooming around everyone had a smile on their face and was hanging on to her every word nodding,she had to pause several times due to all the applause.

Am exhilarated, am beaming, at her conclusion I joined congress and gave her a standing ovation as tears of joy clouded my vision. I love that she humbly asked stato to continue supporting her country without being patronizing. "I will succeed,God bless you all" her parting words.

To all the doubting Thomases, yes a woman can. a woman will.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whispering Inn wewe, see me after class.

Thanks to whispering Inn, today I found myself yes found in an establishment I had no business being in. Come to think of it I don't even kumbuka getting there , thus why I found myself.

Anyway this place had all the aromas that makes one be grateful for having all the five senses intact. I fought with myself to turn and walk away but as if by some alien force I was tranfixed to the spot I was standing. Before I knew it I was sampling mango something other.

I finally took hold of my earthly desires and managed to actually walk out. Somehow though I talked myself into just one scoop and back in I went. Talk about being weak I let dude behind counter talk me into adding fixin's into the one scoop there goes the $5.25 I already didn't have.

Whis's description of the cake he had, had kept playing over and over in my head. I knew I had to run before I spent my week's fare on the slice of raspbery creme cake that had my name written all over it. My mind was willing but my mouth, my mouth wanted to have the same pleasure whis's mouth had experienced.

I looked longingly at the cake on display and yes, you guessed it. Before I knew what was happening I had done an exchange with dude and said piece was in my hand. Did I want to tempt fate and take it home where i'd have had to share? what if it fell? what if i ran into someone who was dying of hunger and I had to share. ?. What if ....all the worst case scenario's went through my mind.

Whis don't ever underestimate the power of suggestion.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Emily Dickinson's - You Love Me, You Are Sure

You love me -you are sure
I shall not fear mistake
I shall not cheated wake
Some grinning morn
To find the sunrise left
And orchards unbereft
And Dollie- gone
I need not start -you're sure
That night will never be
When frightened, home to thee I run
To find the windows dark
And no more Dollie -mark
Quite none?
Be sure, you're sure -you know
I'll bear it better now,
IF you'll just tell me so,
Than when - alittle dull balm grown
Over this pain of mine
You sting - Again!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Precious you

Your birthday is coming up, you left us way too soon. I still haven't come to grips with your passing.

Remember when you'd defy the rules and buy me red devil ice-cream and then we'd lie that we drank ribena?.

Remember that time we went to disco and appeared in the nation ,after we'd lied we were at uncle Josiah's ? The lecture "you have brought shame to this family".

Remember your wedding day? that was really funny when guka high as a kite gave that storo, of course we were not laughing then.

You were so radiant as we awaited baby K to join us. Kumbuka that cab driver bila patience when you had that false alarm? .

You were always over the moon when I called you from oceans apart it always made my day.

You were so brave as you fought for dear life.

I miss you so much. We all do.

I'll be thinking of you.

I love you so.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Damn! its been friggin' long finally, I gots me some!!.

Its truly like learning to ride a bike. I was informed that the cobbwebs hadn't started forming per'se but a couple more weeks it would have been another story. So my imaginery ideal Valentine's day got my juices flowing. It ocurred to me just how long it had been since I had screamed (in the thrones of passion of course) another beings name.

That caution I threw to the wind and deceided to take matters into my own hands. After the deed though I realized I actually need more (read human contact). So I made a phone call, it used to be I was the callee' not the caller so this was a great deal for me. Of course the lucky bastard was in absolute shock was convinced it was an early april fools day joke untill I actually appeared on his doorstep.

And no, I didnot reap off his clothes or mine immediately. For a minute both panic and reality that I was indeed there and come thus far slowy settled in. I did the small talk thing for abit all the while wondering if it was too late to make a bolt for the door as I gave my a billion and one apologizes while dude cursed me blue thundering this or other (tin tin). a wiff of his Dolce and Gabbanna colgne hit me and the next thing I knew...........

So morning cometh, and am smiling if I smoked (insert cigar here) I would probaly be blowing those ring (as seen on t.v.). Its good to be alive, did I forget to say LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL?