Monday, February 20, 2006

Precious you

Your birthday is coming up, you left us way too soon. I still haven't come to grips with your passing.

Remember when you'd defy the rules and buy me red devil ice-cream and then we'd lie that we drank ribena?.

Remember that time we went to disco and appeared in the nation ,after we'd lied we were at uncle Josiah's ? The lecture "you have brought shame to this family".

Remember your wedding day? that was really funny when guka high as a kite gave that storo, of course we were not laughing then.

You were so radiant as we awaited baby K to join us. Kumbuka that cab driver bila patience when you had that false alarm? .

You were always over the moon when I called you from oceans apart it always made my day.

You were so brave as you fought for dear life.

I miss you so much. We all do.

I'll be thinking of you.

I love you so.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Damn! its been friggin' long finally, I gots me some!!.

Its truly like learning to ride a bike. I was informed that the cobbwebs hadn't started forming per'se but a couple more weeks it would have been another story. So my imaginery ideal Valentine's day got my juices flowing. It ocurred to me just how long it had been since I had screamed (in the thrones of passion of course) another beings name.

That caution I threw to the wind and deceided to take matters into my own hands. After the deed though I realized I actually need more (read human contact). So I made a phone call, it used to be I was the callee' not the caller so this was a great deal for me. Of course the lucky bastard was in absolute shock was convinced it was an early april fools day joke untill I actually appeared on his doorstep.

And no, I didnot reap off his clothes or mine immediately. For a minute both panic and reality that I was indeed there and come thus far slowy settled in. I did the small talk thing for abit all the while wondering if it was too late to make a bolt for the door as I gave my a billion and one apologizes while dude cursed me blue thundering this or other (tin tin). a wiff of his Dolce and Gabbanna colgne hit me and the next thing I knew...........

So morning cometh, and am smiling if I smoked (insert cigar here) I would probaly be blowing those ring (as seen on t.v.). Its good to be alive, did I forget to say LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All I want.

Enough of the hoopla. Beginning to choke on all this valentine talk. Loathing the day actually. Truly over-rated if you ask me.

My perfect V day though would certainly not entail restaurants, too crowded, the waits are what seems an eternity. Please don't get me flowers at an average of $50 for a bouquet that will likely wither in 2 days is an ouch for me. IF you must though a single rose pick a color (feel free to stay from red will do). Better yet a small bunch of lillies will do the trick for me. Skip the jewlery instead get me a real good box of chocolates (stay away from the gas station though). Hell fruit and nut cadburys will do. Now FIND don't grab the first card that you see . A one liner will do, enough of all that mushy stuff already.

Lets stay in, make me a mealhowever simple . Too much trouble? pick up dinner take out will do just fine. Dim the lights, turn off the telly lets eat by candle-light. Engage me in a conversation about this, that the other or nothing really. Lets just enjoy the quiet you drink that I'll enjoy this amaretto sour.

Forget the dishes, kesho is another day. Massage me my dear just that a massage no, not foreplay be soft, deep take time feel that knot ? add just a little more pressure could you baby?.

Now allow me to thank you............

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well here goes nothing. New to this, not sure what to write or even how.
Don't know If am ready to bear all. I've always wanted to say I guess now
write "here's looking at you kid".